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NANDA-I Conference 2025

Hello Delta SkyBonus Team, My name is Martin Frisare Chair Diversity Officer for NANDA-I Inc. We are a global Nursing organization based in Connell School of Nursing located at the University of Boston. Every 2 years we hold an International Congress with a great assistance from different professionals from around the world. In our last venue (June of this year - 2023) we had over 500 guests in our campus in Boston, and according to our track record, that has been our average number of participants in which 45% are located mainly in the US. This following venue will be in 2025 in Portugal. Event description: facilitate the development, refinement, dissemination and use of standardized nursing diagnostic terminology. Provide the world’s leading evidence-based nursing diagnoses for use in practice and to determine interventions and outcomes. Contribute to patient safety through the integration of evidence-based terminology into clinical practice and clinical decision-making.

Event ID: 4803S

Valid Departure Dates: 5/27/2025 - 6/13/2025

Book By: 6/13/2025


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